Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sparklers and Sunsets

Happy early birthday to my day one, The United States of America! This Fourth of July, grab some friends, and head out to a scenic spot that really makes you appreciate this country. For me, that's the beach. I love pretty much anything festive, so dressing in patriotic colors is a must. I just bought some white jeans from Zara, and they're SO comfortable. I pair them with a red halter crop top and a blue jacket that have a similar tie-dye effects. My hair was a bit of a mess, so I threw it up into braids, and for makeup I decided to keep with the red, white and blue theme, so I donned some blue eyeliner, red lips, and some simple white face paint (really just white eyeliner). Also this is my BFF Alexis, she's in New York and I'm sad, so I included some cute pics of us. :)
Happy Fourth of July!!