Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sparklers and Sunsets

Happy early birthday to my day one, The United States of America! This Fourth of July, grab some friends, and head out to a scenic spot that really makes you appreciate this country. For me, that's the beach. I love pretty much anything festive, so dressing in patriotic colors is a must. I just bought some white jeans from Zara, and they're SO comfortable. I pair them with a red halter crop top and a blue jacket that have a similar tie-dye effects. My hair was a bit of a mess, so I threw it up into braids, and for makeup I decided to keep with the red, white and blue theme, so I donned some blue eyeliner, red lips, and some simple white face paint (really just white eyeliner). Also this is my BFF Alexis, she's in New York and I'm sad, so I included some cute pics of us. :)
Happy Fourth of July!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tastes Like Summer

Hello friends! Today is our first food post! Since it's summer, I now have a little bit more time on my hands so my blender has become my new best friend... and what's better than some homemade watermelon sorbet! 

Step One:
Scoop out the inside of a watermelon and place it in a tray to freeze. If you can get defined squares of watermelon its better because then everything wont mush together.

Step Two:
Once frozen, scoop out the chunks into the bowl you desire to use. This can get kind of tricky and you may have to let it thaw just a tiny bit to make it easier.

Step Three:
Fill your desired bowl with the chunks until it is completely full, if not slightly overflowing.

Step Four:
Dump the contents of the bowl into the blender and blend away.

Step Five:
Blend until all chunks are gone!

Scoop it out of the blender into your bowl,

add some lime (it really brings out the flavor!),

and enjoy!! I topped it off with some coconut shavings from Whole Foods, but you can add anything you like!! This is my new favorite thing so I thought I'd share it. It's so yummy and guilt-free! Xoxo, Krista.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What The Future Holds

Long time no see... So if you follow us on Instagram, you'll know that we recently graduated from high school. Next year we'll be attending college and I'm filled with so many emotions. With this huge change in our lives, it leave so many unknowns. I don't know what the future holds, but I can definitely tell you I'm excited.

On another note, today's outfit is simple but oh so chic. I recently picked up this breezy dress from Brandy Melville, and it may be the softest item of clothing I own...I never want to take it off! I also picked up this felt sun hat from Brandy as well, something I've wanted for a while, but now I actually own one. I stuck with the black and white theme, with some always necessary black thigh-high socks and booties, and a itty bitty black purse. For accessories, I mixed some gold and silver pieces to finish it off! See ya'll soon, xox.


Hat: Brandy Melville  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban  Necklace: thrifted  Dress: Brandy Melville 
 Socks: Urban Outfitters  Shoes: H&M  Purse: Free People  Studded Bracelet: unknown 
Charm Bracelet: Pandora

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Overall Chic

I have never been more thankful to live in Cali than right now. While the rest of the country is staying inside to keep warm, us Californians can get away with throwing on something like this. Regardless of the weather though, I'm bringing out the overalls for spring. Some may have thought they were a fad, but with all the innovations in the overall department, I think they'll be around for a while. I like to wear mine with a cropped tee and some knee highs (always flattering). I threw on this fabulous fuzzy cardigan from Forever 21, and some heart-shaped sunnies to compliment the youthful look of the overalls. Finish it off with a messy pony, and some silver accessories, and we're good to go! xxo


Friday, January 3, 2014


Happy 2014!! Next to Christmas, I think New Year's Eve/Day has to be my favorite holiday. What's better than a fresh start? It's a reason to forget all the bad things that happened in 2013, reminisce on all the good times of 2013, and change your mindset for the new year. One of my resolutions for the 2014 is to be more independent and have more confidence in myself. I feel like this outfit is the ultimate confidence booster. A blazer with shoulder pads can make anyone feel important, and a black and white color scheme is sophisticated and simple. But I'm also not ready to be an adult (even though I am turning 18 this year), so a little bit of skin and some sneaker wedges remind me to keep a youthful outlook as well.

What are your New Year's Resolutions?