Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Hey guys! Finals week is next week so we've been really busy. That being said, I absolutely love this outfit. Obviously, there are a couple of focal points to this outfit: the pants, the collar, and (although a little more subtle) the studs on the bottom of the purse. We've shot these pants before (here) but I have no problem using them again because the look is totally different! The collar is my new favorite accessory and it's from Forever 21 so it was really cheap! I also scored because it goes perfectly with this faux-leather top from Zara. The purse was a gift and it's Em's (unfortunately), and as for the boots, you've seen them before because clearly I'm in love with them. Anyway, this outfit was a lot of fun...hope you enjoy!! Xoxo

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