Tuesday, May 7, 2013

DIY: "Flower Crown"

Hello friends!! 

So today I thought I'd do something a little different. Here's a little DIY ("Do It Yourself") that might help you procrastinate for AP's or finals, or whatever else you have going on. Since I've been openly obsessed with these lovely boho head pieces, I decided that a tutorial for how to make them yourself would be quite handy.

What you need:

Fake flowers

Green wire

Hot glue



Twine or Ribbon
Step 1: Buy some fake flowers! I got these at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft but I also got some more at Michaels. Pretty much any crafting store will carry them and they shouldn't be very expensive!

Step 2: Acquire some green wire. It doesn't have to be green, but I would suggest it, since the green will blend in better with the "stems" of the flowers. Measure the wire to go around your head twice, fold it in half and twist it together to create one thicker piece. It should fit around your head once. Twist the ends together, and you have your base!

Step 3: Cut the flowers so that about two inches of stem remains.

Step 4: Start hot gluing the flowers onto the wire. Adjust as needed!

Step 5: Continue to glue the flowers all the way around, or you could do it half way and finish it off by gluing a ribbon to the wire and tying a bow in the back! Another idea is to skip the wire altogether and just glue the flowers straight onto the ribbon, which would allow you to adjust the size easily.


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