Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Justin Carr Wants World Peace.

Justin Carr was a friend of ours who died from heart failure at the age of 16 while he was at swim practice on February 22, 2013, two Fridays ago. He was a singer, an actor, a dancer, a swimmer, a leader, an architect and much, much more. Justin was supposed to perform in the dance show I (Krista) had been working on, but he died a week before the show. We dedicated the show to him and it was truly one of the most amazing, emotional, and intense experiences of my life. I was also in art class with him. Justin was an amazing artist and I was always so jealous of his work. He is truly one of the most talented and hard working people I have ever met. He was also the guy who could make anybody laugh and who always had a smile ready for anyone who needed it. His friendliness and kindness reached so many people. The fact that there were over 1,000 people at his funeral should be proof enough of how many people were affected by him. His parents are some of the strongest people I have ever met; please keep them in your prayers.

Three years ago, on the same day (last Friday of February) our close friend Julia Siegler was killed in a car accident. As an 8th grader, I was traumatized, and I still am. Now, as a junior, experiencing a sudden and devastating loss once again, I have found myself looking at it differently. Julia was killed; her life was cut short and I will never understand how that is fair. Justin, on the other hand, had an incredibly weak heart his entire life. I find this ironic because in my opinion he had the biggest heart of anyone I know. The doctors said it was a miracle he lived as long as he did. Although he probably had an amazing future ahead of him, what Justin did with his life is wonderful and admirable. So, even though I am shocked by his passing, I know that in the short time he had, he used every minute of it for something good and something productive, and that makes me happy in this time of sorrow. Times like these also make me reflect on my life and what I've done with my time. If there's anything I've learned from Justin, it's to smile at everyone, be yourself, and don't waste a minute on anything that isn't worth your time.

In honor of Justin, his father, Darrell Carr, wants us to spread Justin's kindness in working towards world peace, something Justin dreamed about.  Justin was a sensational human being and he deserves this. With Justin and Julia in our hearts, together we can work towards world peace.
This is a movement. Spread the word.
Justin Carr wants world peace.

xoxo, Krista and Em

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